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Town of Colonie Landfill Permit Modification Request 

Why is the Town requesting a permit modification for the Landfill?

The Town’s landfill has been in operation since the 1960’s, accepting waste continuously from that time forward. This permit modification will allow the Town to continue operations at this facility by using space that is still available at this location.

What is the Town Requesting in this Permit Modification?

The Town of Colonie has applied to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) for a modification to the existing operating permit. This modification request would allow additional cells to be constructed within the current footprint of the facility to allow the landfill to continue to accept waste.

Was There a Plan to Close the Landfill in 2018?

No. The landfill was never proposed to close in 2018. However, Area 6 was projected to be full in 2018. When Area 6 is full, the plan has been to have Area 7 completed and open for operation within the current footprint of the facility.

If the Permit is Granted, What is the Expected Life of the Landfill?

Since it began operation, the landfill has accepted approximately 6 million cubic yards of waste. Utilizing the existing space at the landfill, the permit modification would allow the landfill to accept approximately 10 million additional cubic yards of waste extending operations for approximately 20 years.

Will the Landfill move closer to residential areas?

No. Area 7 will remain within the current footprint of the landfill property.

Will the Landfill move closer to the river?

No. Area 7 construction will not move the landfill any closer to the Mohawk River. Current operations and the proposed permit modification meet or exceed all NYSDEC required regulatory setbacks.

What is the “Un-Named” Area?

The “un-named area” is an inactive class 3 hazardous waste disposal site. This area was used to accept waste long before monitoring of waste in landfills was required. The area has received this designation because there are limited records on the types of materials that were placed in this area many years ago. This area is monitored regularly and results reported to NYSDEC each year. THIS AREA IS NOT INCLUDED IN ANY PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION or UTILIZATION OF THE FACILITY.

Does the Proposal Allow Waste to be Placed over a Hazardous Waste-Disposal Site?

No, as described above, the Un-Named Area is not included in the proposed permit modification.

Area 1 is adjacent to the south of the Un-Named Area and has a natural clay liner. It has been closed for more than 30 years. Many years ago, the Town of Colonie conducted a Landfill Reclamation Project at Area 1. The area was excavated to find materials that could be recycled. During the reclamation project NO HAZARDOUS WASTE was discovered in Area 1. Monitoring of Area 1 is no longer required by NYSDEC because it is a stable post-closure area.

Does the Proposal Allow Waste to be Placed over any Unlined Landfill Areas?

The proposed permit modification includes construction of a double composite liner on top of any areas proposed for future waste disposal that were not constructed with current NYSDEC-approved liner systems.

What Has Been Done Thus Far to Inform the Public?

The Town issued a Draft Scope for a Draft Environmental Impact Statement in August of 2014 for public review and comment. The scope was finalized based on comments received in November 2014. Since that time we have held six public information meetings on the development plan. Recently, NYSDEC held two Public Hearings on the project. In addition, comments have been submitted to NYSDEC regarding the project application.

All documentation and relevant information related to this project has been posted on our website,

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