Since 2011, Capital Region Landfills, Inc. has been the sole operator of the Town of Colonie Landfill. Every day, we strive to do all we can to ensure the landfill is operating at its best. We take actions above and beyond state requirements to make sure the landfill minimizes potential impacts to its neighbors and to protect the environment. This has included making various system upgrades to the gas collection system before they were needed to ensure all of our equipment was operating at its best.

In a plan that was put together through 2006-07, it was determined that the existing areas of the landfill would reach their capacity in 2018 causing all operations to cease at the site unless additional areas were developed. To keep the landfill a viable resource for the surrounding communities, Colonie Landfill has submitted an application to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) to gain approval for the development of Area 7. By developing Area 7, we will be extending the lifespan of the landfill by 20 years, continuing to fill a vital need in this community. Waste that is picked up from surrounding communities is brought to the conveniently located landfill, allowing removal costs to remain low for our entire area. If the landfill were forced to cease operations, trash removal costs would increase.

Extending the life of the landfill also affords us the opportunity to make other upgrades to the site. To increase safety for incoming trucks and residents, we plan on changing the entry point to the landfill. The new entrance will be located away from busy Route 9 to a much more manageable and less trafficked location.

Also part of this development of Area 7, we will be altering the way our leachate is stored on site. Currently, leachate is stored in open-air lagoons but that will be changing. As part of the ongoing improvement of the landfill, we will be installing covered tanks that will contain the leachate, effectively eliminating any potential odor issues.

It’s important to note that this application is not seeking to change the daily operations at the landfill. Our operations will remain business as usual, except that the facility will remain open for an additional 20 years. In particular, there are no planned changes to the daily or annual accepted tonnage limits at the site. This development does not involve any land that is currently not sited to be part of the landfill and Colonie Landfill is not using any additional land for the changes to Area 7.

Town Of Colonie Landfill, our commitment to making a positive difference in our service areas through adherence to the highest ethical and safety standards, combined with our desire to give back to the communities we serve, is the foundation of all we do.

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